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His Story…

Born in Washington DC, Namorog has been living in Paris for the past few years. His primary language is neither French nor English however, it is music. At a very young age Namorog immersed himself into music for hours at a time. He didn’t speak much as a kid but early videos show a 6 year-old saying plenty through his first true friend with 88 keys. So it was piano everyday as a means of expression until he got his first PC as a birthday present. By that time he had already spent hours online obsessively studying all that can be done with music on a computer. He knew to play the piano pieces from Deadmau5, Kaskade and other EDM masters. He installed FL Studio and plugged in a keyboard only two days after unwrapping his PC and the rest is history. The crazy thing is that this was only a year and a half ago. Namorog is now only 12.

His first official release with the label Ocean Sky Lab is an EP entitled Thoughts. It is good representation of Namorog’s affinity for mellow, chill out music with a kick. Namorog makes deep visual and sensory melodies people often associate with movie soundtracks. The rhythm and sub underlayered often catchy groove are both a reflection of his generation who “lives for the drop” and his internal conflict between the yearning for peace and beauty wrestling with the energy of youth that makes kids want to explode and forget everything around them.

It is not unusual nowdays to go on soundcloud.com and find good young producers. However, Namorog’s capability to produce complex and layered tracks mixed with his natural talent for the language of music truly is an ethereal experience and gives him a unique claim to his own musical universe…